Come, be a star.

At Monkey Business we don't simply create a wedding film, we make sure that you're at the centre of everything. You are the star attraction, you are the celebrity on the red carpet and you are the award winning thespian.

The most adorable romantic movie of the year is now coming to a television near you. We build anticipation and suspense by creating a trailer that keeps you on the edge of your seats.

Finally, we present the film to you. Tastefully and patiently crafted, it is now in your hands to relive your marriage with family and friends at any time and place.

You started your wedding as a celebrity and we'd like you to end it as one. So, get ready for dollops of attention and shutterbugs as you're going to walk down the red carpet for the premiere of your film.

You can't carry a wedding film in your pocket or hang it on wall. So, speak to us and we'll help you get in touch with the best photographers in the world.

Imagine your favourite movie without its soundtrack. Too dull and unimpressive, right? We add music to make your film lively and exciting.

We create a poster that tickles your imagination and goes a long way to sustain the excitement.

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