Meet us, we're storytellers who narrate wedding stories with a passion that can
only be surpassed by one thing: the love that the two of you have for each other.
So, if it's goose bumps and moist eyes you're looking for, this is the perfect destination.

It is very rare for passion, opportunity and desire to come together but when they do, their result is nothing short of marvellous. Such is the story of Samarjeet Solaskar. He began his journey in film making with pure love for cinema, dreams and a film made for his father's 50th birthday. However, it's difficult to win business contracts with only passion and love on one's resume. Nonetheless, Samarjeet knew one rule, a basic but effective one: Persistence. And persistence did bear fruit. 3 years ago he landed his first contract. Since then his signature style, ability to form deep and meaningful relationships and some old school rules have helped him find a comfortable place for himself in his world of film making. Samarjeet still believes that sticking to basics and playing the odd computer game in between will keep him on course and your film on track. If you ever need him, he's always nearby fixing the perfect shot for your film.

At Monkey Business, excellence is our guiding principle and every single member of our team is committed to achieving it. Our team is a balanced mix of talent and experience. Most of our team members have worked extensively in the industry alongside the most respected names and have been exposed to the latest trends and styles in film making. Every single team member at Monkey Business brings to the table his or her unique point of view which adds value to the final product. An atmosphere of healthy competition amongst team members ensures that the best is extracted from each individual. All these factors guarantee that the final product does not fall short on any account and is par excellence.

What kind of crew do you have?

We know that you'd want the very best and nothing else for your wedding day. Keeping this in mind, we work with the crème de la crème of the industry. Our crew members have been a part of leading films and advertisements and are thorough professionals capable of delivering the very best.

What about photography?

A photograph that captures a special moment with utmost honesty and sincerity has an irreplaceable charm. To ensure you have an album full of such moments, we help you connect with the best photographers in the world. It makes complete sense to have the best photos if you're going to have the best wedding film, doesn't it?

Can we have another videographer?

We do not recommend this because videographers tend to impede the natural flow of the occasion. This style of working makes guests uncomfortable and disallows them from being themselves; something that is crucial in making a great wedding film.

What is the duration of your films?

The length of our films varies as per your demands. After a consultation with you, where we understand your wishes and vision, we can give you a tentative idea. That said, whether you want a grand wedding film that lasts for hours or a pithy one which you can enjoy repeatedly, be rest assured, we can craft both with inimitable style and perfection.

How do you go about your job?

Our skill lies in camouflaging ourselves yet capturing every moment worth its while. We allow things to take their natural course and let spontaneity be the order of the day. We're difficult to spot, yet manage to reel in everything that would appear great in your wedding film.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We don't compromise when it comes to the quality of our product and hence own the latest movie-making equipment available in the international market. We keep upgrading it as and when something better is available. Our equipment is the same as that used in the production of international films.

How long does it take to finish the film?

Once we have finished shooting, we devote ourselves to crafting and sculpting the raw footage. We select the best moments of your wedding journey and align them to create a film that will deeply resonate with you. We add sound and music to heighten the emotion and finish by applying a coat of graphics which lends a look of sophistication to your film. The period of delivery varies on the length of your film and the specifics in your brief to us. However, we make sure we deliver it as soon as possible so you may savour it with your loved ones.

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